Card Access

Desktop Reader Come With Build-in RS485 Converter USB Connection to PC

PS21- Smartcard (13.56MHz )

desktop readerProximity (125KHz )
Integrated USB to Rs485 convertor and card register.

USB300 is design for simple added card and connected access security system with pc server.
Use USB300, you can add card No. to every windows software (include access security system); USB
300 use usb technique, you can easy connect access security system with pc;

USB technique.
Achieve USB to Rs485 convert, easy to connect access security network to pc server.
Builded into card register, USB300D can read ID card, USB300C can read IC card and USB300CWR can read and write IC card.
RS485 network port protect with Current-Limiting and Driver Overload Protection

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ATM9810 Single Door Network Access Controller

ATM9810 Single Door Network Access ControllerIntroduction
ATM9810 is a single door network access controller is designed to cater for Uptown, Corporation and Bank, ATM9810 can handle up to 2000 user and 5000 event records. Driven by PowerKey300 security software, the system provides an ideal, modular and expandable solution for commercial and institutional need.


512KB e2prom memory.
5000pc event record.
Up to 2000 user
Built-in real-time clock
Supports 15pcs access plan, each access plan include eight access segment, each segment can be defined working time, valid door and in/out mode.
Supports 8pcs auto trigger output, can work in open door booking.
** Two Wiegand reader input port, auto recognise Wiegand26/34
** Two Exit button input port
** Two Door sensor input port
** One Door electric lock output port
** One relay output port
** One Rs485 network port ( voltage protect )

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Simple Stand-Alone Door Access System without software

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