Personal Tracker GPS With SOS

GPSFor : Hospital, Mountain Tracking, Hiking, Camping
Using GSM Base Station for tracking

Inbuilt GPS Module

• Internet positioning service center, used to receive and send positioning information
• GSM /GPRS modem supports Quad frequency bands, i.e. 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
• High-sensitivity, new workmanship and the most advanced GPS chip
• Can work effectively in limited space such as urban canyon
• Low energy consumption
• Fast signal acquisition
• Supports single positioning and continuous tracking;
• Supports alarming and remote monitoring
• Supports fast dial button; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: 'Lucida Grande', Arial, sans-serif;">

• Supports the location information inquiry by SMS and Internet
• May monitor without disturbing the tracked person and realizes real-time tracking;
• Can position the holder by call or SMS
• In emergency, press the SOS button to have an accurate positioning

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