Long-range Integrative Reader

Long-range Integrative ReaderKey Features

  • Integrative design (12dBi linear antenna inside)
  • Waterproof and sunproof
  • Long reading distance
  • Support both ISO-18000-6B and ISO 18000-6C(EPC C1G2)..
  • Customized working frequency
  • FHSS operating method with super anti-interference ability.
  • Multi-reader synchronization
  • Software supports various program languages.
  • Multiple communication interfaces, also can be customized
  • Support online upgrade

Typical Applications

  • Vehicle Parking System
  • Intelligent traffic such as ETC, customs┬áborder-crossing,, automatic weighing etc.
  • Logistics such as container management,┬ápallet management, asset tracing etc.
  • Ticketing& access control
  • Warehouse/logistics

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