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FingerPrint Access ControlVR30 FingerPrint Access Control with Door Access Controller

Sensor - Scratch-proof unbreakable and durable

VF30 fingerprint access control and time attendance is a professional access control system developed for small to medium size businesses for security. It integrates fingerprint identification, RFID, burglar alarm, time attendance and access control functions etc., with fashionable and elegant appearance and reliable quality. It has high quality musical buzzer, multiple language display, user friendly interface and powerful communication function suitable for data management in various environments.; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: 'Lucida Grande', Arial, sans-serif;">

It comes with functional background management software, compatible with various types of database. It supports time zone and group access control for high security level. It is versatile, convenient and multi-functional.

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T5 Pro FingerPrint Access Control with Door Access Controller

FingerPrint Access Control with Door Access ControllerSensor - Scratch-proof unbreakable and durable

T5 Pro is an innovative fingerprint card access controller which fully integrates fingerprint and RFID technology. The very compact design makes it suitable for installation on door frame. T5 Pro has standard Wiegand output to connect seamlessly with access controllers and relay output driver the electric lock directly. T5 Pro can easily update the existing card readers for higher security level of fingerprint and card.

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Standalone FingerPrint Access System BioLite solo

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